Otters Campaign

Game Session #2

Raider's Camp

The morning after, Governor Nighthill employed the adventurers to scout out the raider’s camp. Information was all he wanted for 250 gp apiece. Broke and with revenge on their mind they took the job. Before they left Greenrest a monk named Nesim asked if they would check on the whereabouts of him monk master Leosin Erlanthar. Leosin had been investigating the raiders for months and Nesim promised that Leosin was the most knowledgeable person around concerning these particular bandits.

The group left that day and that night stopped short when they saw a campfire. They set their own fire to draw whomever it was to them while they laid in ambush. It was the raiders from the previous night and group quickly dispatched all but one. They tortured the survivor for information who was quick to spill that there were others up the road and then a few miles past their campsite an official rearguard. With this new found information the adventurers laid ambush to the stragglers, taking their robes and cult insignia and bypassed the rearguard altogether.

They arrived at the camp the next day, easily fitting in with the rest of the cultists and mercenaries unit. . .Trek climbed a watchtower with kobold lookouts. He jumped out of watchtower trying to impress the onlookers with his acrobatics, but landed on his head instead. This drew quite the crowd and plenty of attention and most of the group was instantly arrested by the cultists.

As fate would have it, Trek was shackled next to the monk Leosin. Using some ingenuity and luck they were able to escape and leave the camp. With Leosin in tow they returned to Greenrest to report their findings.



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