Otters Campaign

Game Session #5

On The Way To Kristophan

On the way to Krisophan the PCs came by a rivertown that was overrun by Hobgoblins. They killed the Hobgoblins, freed the people, but burnt their town thinking it would be a staging point for an oncoming Orc-Hobgoblin war (they found maps and other paraphernalia suggesting such).
The PCs led the Rivertown refugees to Kristophan. They had a brief encounter in the street, but survived. A wealthy warehouse owner was basically in cahoots with Plume’s uncle and needed the PCs to disappear.
Plume settled the dispute using an ancient Kristophan tradition of trial by sword in public combat. Champions were selected and the fight took place a week later. Plume and his allies easily won ending the dispute and clearing his family’s name.
Arex setup the refugees in a tenement and instructed a minotaur smith to tutor a prominent boy from Rivertown.



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