Otters Campaign

Session #8
The White Dragon, Eye of Zargon, and Waterdeep Council

The PCs started back in Kristophan, selling some their magical loot and reviving Con. Plume beat up some men who apparently had their way with his special lady friend. A raven carried a message from Leosin saying there attendance was requested for a Council being held in Waterdeep. They used teleport scroll it carried and entered a secure portal. Leosin greeted them upon their arrival, their stay was arranged at a nice inn. The whole city stopped for a moment when they heard/felt a strange “hum.” Their black dragons took off immediately and haven’t been seen since.
The Council included the King of Waterdeep, Lord Frume and other VIPs. They wanted the PCs insight about the Cult of the Dragon. Arex explained they were weak and were great sources of gold and treasure. The noise they heard (and can still hear) is something called the Drakenhorn. They were asked to go to the Sea of Moving Ice to investigate it’s last known location and a given a contact to look up. They pretty much insulted the entire room, but took the quest.
A veteran sea captain called Half Face navigated them through the arctic waters and to a giant iceberg island. They fought a Yeti and ate with an Ice Giant who told them about the white dragon bitch who claimed this iceberg.
The Ice Hunters eventually received the PCs, but seemed like they were in a hurry for them to leave. Trek fought their best warrior in 1-on-1 combat and won with a little help of Con’s magic. Their Shamaan told them they were all in danger because of the white dragon. The PCs were poisoned and then the Cheif explained they had 2 hours to kill the dragon or the gig would be up and everyone would die. He was only try to protect his people.
The PCs were shown a direct route to the dragon’s lair. They fought a couple of ice trolls and then encountered the great white wyrm.
Sundown went down instantly with a frosty blast. The PCs fanned out and attacked the dragon from all sides, Con hesitated with fear, but eventually overcame it and dropped the dragon with a well aimed bow shot.
The PCs found thousands of pieces of gold and a giant eye (the Eye of Zargon) frozen in ice. The melted the wall of ice and took the eye and the treasure. They scouted the rest of the lair and found the tiefling contact.
The PCs plan to kill the ALL of the Ice Hunters for being poisoned. Next game will begin with that slaughter! PCs advanced to 10th level.

Game Session #7
Contd...Temple of Zargon, Drow, and the Cultists Strike Back!

With the guardian naga defeated, Sundown was able to retrieve the horn of Zargon from the earth. The sheer alien power of the horn sent Sundown into a coma like state. The rest of his friends secured him in a cleared out area of the temple while they went to explore the west wing.

They encountered a small clutch of grimlocks who tried to ambush the party, but they were quickly put down. Down the hall and in the next room the party saw dominated deep gnomes at work in what appeared to be old forge. A mind flayer and three quaggoths also occupied the room. The mind flayer’s name was Obek and he also had felt the presence of the horn. When he learned that the party retrieved it and would not trade he set upon them with a psychic assault. Trek was grappled by the Illithid’s tentacles, his brain nearly ripped out, but he recovered from the stunning blast and escaped.

Plume, Con, and Arex took care of the gnomes and Quaggoths, while Trek retreated to a corner only find two awaiting drow. Both parties stared at the other nervously, but the party had won the day; Oben planeshifted away and the drow lowered their crossbows. The party agreed to leave the temple’s entrance to outside world open and in exchange they presented Plume with a drow long sword made of adamantium.

When the party returned to Sundown they found him awake, but he could/would not communicate. He would follow directions, push, pulls, and prods, but he had no sense of where he was or what he was doing—his mind was somewhere else, but the horn of Zargon he held on to fast.

When the party exited the temple the next morning, the Cult of the Dragon lied in waiting. Only Trek spotted their trap. The cultists struck hard and quickly dropped Arex. Plume and Con fought valiantly, but both were felled. Trek watched in horror a zombie feasted upon Plume’s flesh and the three other enemies he had to survive. Trek reached down deep and fought off the remaining cultists. Arex recovered, but Plume and Con were dead.

Trek set Arex to guard and removed the Gambler’s Box from their bag of holding. He asked the imp if he won all six games would the devil revive Plume? The devil acquiesced and the two set forth to playing various games for hours. The devil and Trek split wins, but with a little bit of skill and a LOT of luck, Trek won the sixth and final game. He wished for Plume to return from the dead and fallen comrade was once again among the living.

The party decided it was time to return to Kristophan to revive Con using Plume’s family contacts. Along the way Sundown’s mind returned. He had had wonderful visions of Zargon the Returner.

Game Session #6
Escaping the Slavers and the Temple of Zargon

The PCs were making arrangements to leave Kristophan when they were ambushed by bounty hunters. All succombed to sleep poision. The bounty hunters got lost in the forest on their way to meet with the Cult of the Dragon. The PCs killed their captors and escaped.
In his slumber, Sundown had dreams of reuniting Zargon and he knew that a piece of his Lord was nearby. Trek knew these woods well, it was his ancestral home. He led them to Sundown’s destination encountering; his brother, a black dragon, lizardmen and mummy along the way.
The found a tomb which was built atop an ancient temple to Zargon.
They explored the temple, fighting various monsters and finally taking on a naga who guarded the Horn of Zargon.
The PCs overcame all adversaries and retrieved the Horn which spawned more visions for Sundown.

Game Session #5
On The Way To Kristophan

On the way to Krisophan the PCs came by a rivertown that was overrun by Hobgoblins. They killed the Hobgoblins, freed the people, but burnt their town thinking it would be a staging point for an oncoming Orc-Hobgoblin war (they found maps and other paraphernalia suggesting such).
The PCs led the Rivertown refugees to Kristophan. They had a brief encounter in the street, but survived. A wealthy warehouse owner was basically in cahoots with Plume’s uncle and needed the PCs to disappear.
Plume settled the dispute using an ancient Kristophan tradition of trial by sword in public combat. Champions were selected and the fight took place a week later. Plume and his allies easily won ending the dispute and clearing his family’s name.
Arex setup the refugees in a tenement and instructed a minotaur smith to tutor a prominent boy from Rivertown.

Game Session #4
The Great Caravan Robbery

Con and other members of the Zhentarim helped the PCs rob the Cult of the Dragons treasure caravan. Plume encountered his uncle and he admitted that he was selling arms to the Cult.
The PCs planned an ambush, since the Cult was stopping at a hunting lodge to meet with Plume’s uncle.
It was a DEADLY battle, but the PCs survived, one of the Zhents died, and 3 cultists did escape.
The PCs acquired a massive treasure hoard and a Black Dragon Mask. Con took the mask back Darkhold, the HQ of the Zhentarim.
The PCs decided to travel to Kristophan, Plume’s hometown, so he could clear his name and buy some goods.

Game Session #3
The Dragon Hatchery

PCs returned to the bandit camp to find it abandoned. They explored the caves, fighting various monsters and villains. They killed the half-dragon and took his great sword Hazirawn.
They fought other kobolds and monsters and recovered 3 black dragon eggs and 2 juvenile guard drakes.

Game Session #2
Raider's Camp

The morning after, Governor Nighthill employed the adventurers to scout out the raider’s camp. Information was all he wanted for 250 gp apiece. Broke and with revenge on their mind they took the job. Before they left Greenrest a monk named Nesim asked if they would check on the whereabouts of him monk master Leosin Erlanthar. Leosin had been investigating the raiders for months and Nesim promised that Leosin was the most knowledgeable person around concerning these particular bandits.

The group left that day and that night stopped short when they saw a campfire. They set their own fire to draw whomever it was to them while they laid in ambush. It was the raiders from the previous night and group quickly dispatched all but one. They tortured the survivor for information who was quick to spill that there were others up the road and then a few miles past their campsite an official rearguard. With this new found information the adventurers laid ambush to the stragglers, taking their robes and cult insignia and bypassed the rearguard altogether.

They arrived at the camp the next day, easily fitting in with the rest of the cultists and mercenaries unit. . .Trek climbed a watchtower with kobold lookouts. He jumped out of watchtower trying to impress the onlookers with his acrobatics, but landed on his head instead. This drew quite the crowd and plenty of attention and most of the group was instantly arrested by the cultists.

As fate would have it, Trek was shackled next to the monk Leosin. Using some ingenuity and luck they were able to escape and leave the camp. With Leosin in tow they returned to Greenrest to report their findings.

Game Session #1
Coming Together

The sun was setting when the adventurers topped the rise and the town of Greenrest came into view. Instead a pleasant, welcoming town they expected, they saw columns of smoke rising from burning buildings. People ran for their lives as a dragon destroyed their community with electricity while a small army of cultists and mercenaries pillaged their homes.

The adventurers engaged the cultists, not from a sense of honor or bravery, but survival. They fought their way to a keep where the town militia and Governor Nighthill were holding out. The Gov. Nighthill begged the adventurers to help save the villagers in the sanctuary. They fought like hell against: kobold, mercenary, and cultists, and were able to save the villagers.

Time passed, the slaughter and pillaging began to wane. From the darkness a seven-foot tall creature entered the dim light. The creature had blue scales, wicked claws, and a reptilian face; it was a half dragon who introduced himself as Cyanwrath. His kobold subservients had women and children as hostages. Cyanwrath issued a challenge: send out your best warrior for a duel and the hostages are set free.

Sir Plume Planeswind answered the call. Cyanwrath lifted his greatsword Hazirawn in acknowledgment, honoring and respecting the custom of the duel. Plume was brave, but foolish to fight the seasoned warrior that way Cyanwrath. With two strokes of his mighty greatsword Plume was cut down. Cyanwrath let the hostages go and allowed Plume’s companions to heal him; his first brush with death, but not his last.

The raiders came like thieves in the night, taking the rich spoils of Greenrest and souls of many innocents. Governor Nighthill thanked the adventurers for their assistance, without them the raiders would have killed many more.


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