Otters Campaign

Game Session #1

Coming Together

The sun was setting when the adventurers topped the rise and the town of Greenrest came into view. Instead a pleasant, welcoming town they expected, they saw columns of smoke rising from burning buildings. People ran for their lives as a dragon destroyed their community with electricity while a small army of cultists and mercenaries pillaged their homes.

The adventurers engaged the cultists, not from a sense of honor or bravery, but survival. They fought their way to a keep where the town militia and Governor Nighthill were holding out. The Gov. Nighthill begged the adventurers to help save the villagers in the sanctuary. They fought like hell against: kobold, mercenary, and cultists, and were able to save the villagers.

Time passed, the slaughter and pillaging began to wane. From the darkness a seven-foot tall creature entered the dim light. The creature had blue scales, wicked claws, and a reptilian face; it was a half dragon who introduced himself as Cyanwrath. His kobold subservients had women and children as hostages. Cyanwrath issued a challenge: send out your best warrior for a duel and the hostages are set free.

Sir Plume Planeswind answered the call. Cyanwrath lifted his greatsword Hazirawn in acknowledgment, honoring and respecting the custom of the duel. Plume was brave, but foolish to fight the seasoned warrior that way Cyanwrath. With two strokes of his mighty greatsword Plume was cut down. Cyanwrath let the hostages go and allowed Plume’s companions to heal him; his first brush with death, but not his last.

The raiders came like thieves in the night, taking the rich spoils of Greenrest and souls of many innocents. Governor Nighthill thanked the adventurers for their assistance, without them the raiders would have killed many more.



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