Otters Campaign

Game Session #6

Escaping the Slavers and the Temple of Zargon

The PCs were making arrangements to leave Kristophan when they were ambushed by bounty hunters. All succombed to sleep poision. The bounty hunters got lost in the forest on their way to meet with the Cult of the Dragon. The PCs killed their captors and escaped.
In his slumber, Sundown had dreams of reuniting Zargon and he knew that a piece of his Lord was nearby. Trek knew these woods well, it was his ancestral home. He led them to Sundown’s destination encountering; his brother, a black dragon, lizardmen and mummy along the way.
The found a tomb which was built atop an ancient temple to Zargon.
They explored the temple, fighting various monsters and finally taking on a naga who guarded the Horn of Zargon.
The PCs overcame all adversaries and retrieved the Horn which spawned more visions for Sundown.



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