Otters Campaign

Game Session #7

Contd...Temple of Zargon, Drow, and the Cultists Strike Back!

With the guardian naga defeated, Sundown was able to retrieve the horn of Zargon from the earth. The sheer alien power of the horn sent Sundown into a coma like state. The rest of his friends secured him in a cleared out area of the temple while they went to explore the west wing.

They encountered a small clutch of grimlocks who tried to ambush the party, but they were quickly put down. Down the hall and in the next room the party saw dominated deep gnomes at work in what appeared to be old forge. A mind flayer and three quaggoths also occupied the room. The mind flayer’s name was Obek and he also had felt the presence of the horn. When he learned that the party retrieved it and would not trade he set upon them with a psychic assault. Trek was grappled by the Illithid’s tentacles, his brain nearly ripped out, but he recovered from the stunning blast and escaped.

Plume, Con, and Arex took care of the gnomes and Quaggoths, while Trek retreated to a corner only find two awaiting drow. Both parties stared at the other nervously, but the party had won the day; Oben planeshifted away and the drow lowered their crossbows. The party agreed to leave the temple’s entrance to outside world open and in exchange they presented Plume with a drow long sword made of adamantium.

When the party returned to Sundown they found him awake, but he could/would not communicate. He would follow directions, push, pulls, and prods, but he had no sense of where he was or what he was doing—his mind was somewhere else, but the horn of Zargon he held on to fast.

When the party exited the temple the next morning, the Cult of the Dragon lied in waiting. Only Trek spotted their trap. The cultists struck hard and quickly dropped Arex. Plume and Con fought valiantly, but both were felled. Trek watched in horror a zombie feasted upon Plume’s flesh and the three other enemies he had to survive. Trek reached down deep and fought off the remaining cultists. Arex recovered, but Plume and Con were dead.

Trek set Arex to guard and removed the Gambler’s Box from their bag of holding. He asked the imp if he won all six games would the devil revive Plume? The devil acquiesced and the two set forth to playing various games for hours. The devil and Trek split wins, but with a little bit of skill and a LOT of luck, Trek won the sixth and final game. He wished for Plume to return from the dead and fallen comrade was once again among the living.

The party decided it was time to return to Kristophan to revive Con using Plume’s family contacts. Along the way Sundown’s mind returned. He had had wonderful visions of Zargon the Returner.



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