Otters Campaign

Session #8

The White Dragon, Eye of Zargon, and Waterdeep Council

The PCs started back in Kristophan, selling some their magical loot and reviving Con. Plume beat up some men who apparently had their way with his special lady friend. A raven carried a message from Leosin saying there attendance was requested for a Council being held in Waterdeep. They used teleport scroll it carried and entered a secure portal. Leosin greeted them upon their arrival, their stay was arranged at a nice inn. The whole city stopped for a moment when they heard/felt a strange “hum.” Their black dragons took off immediately and haven’t been seen since.
The Council included the King of Waterdeep, Lord Frume and other VIPs. They wanted the PCs insight about the Cult of the Dragon. Arex explained they were weak and were great sources of gold and treasure. The noise they heard (and can still hear) is something called the Drakenhorn. They were asked to go to the Sea of Moving Ice to investigate it’s last known location and a given a contact to look up. They pretty much insulted the entire room, but took the quest.
A veteran sea captain called Half Face navigated them through the arctic waters and to a giant iceberg island. They fought a Yeti and ate with an Ice Giant who told them about the white dragon bitch who claimed this iceberg.
The Ice Hunters eventually received the PCs, but seemed like they were in a hurry for them to leave. Trek fought their best warrior in 1-on-1 combat and won with a little help of Con’s magic. Their Shamaan told them they were all in danger because of the white dragon. The PCs were poisoned and then the Cheif explained they had 2 hours to kill the dragon or the gig would be up and everyone would die. He was only try to protect his people.
The PCs were shown a direct route to the dragon’s lair. They fought a couple of ice trolls and then encountered the great white wyrm.
Sundown went down instantly with a frosty blast. The PCs fanned out and attacked the dragon from all sides, Con hesitated with fear, but eventually overcame it and dropped the dragon with a well aimed bow shot.
The PCs found thousands of pieces of gold and a giant eye (the Eye of Zargon) frozen in ice. The melted the wall of ice and took the eye and the treasure. They scouted the rest of the lair and found the tiefling contact.
The PCs plan to kill the ALL of the Ice Hunters for being poisoned. Next game will begin with that slaughter! PCs advanced to 10th level.



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